2011 SEO Tips

SEO means search engine optimization. With millions of websites on every niche under the sun trying to compete with each other, a new entrant may find it daunting to attract attention from potential customers. Fortunately, there is respite in the form of search engine optimization which can help to remarkably enhance the search engine ranking and online visibility of a site. Because more than 80% of netizens use search engines to find a web page of their choice, the position of a website on the SERPs can make or break a business, hence the importance given to search engine marketing.

SEO Tip 1: No Need for a Flashy Site Instead Keep Things User Friendly A flashy website with an assortment of videos and images that takes several minutes to load will simply exasperate visitors. As a matter of fact, most experts recommend that website owners should aim for a neat, simple and functional website that is aesthetically pleasing without being over the top. So, user friendliness should rank high on the list of priorities. Using a non standard navigation bar and icons will cause much frustration to the visitors SEO Tip 2: Information is Valuable so Offer it for Free Content is still king and few things will prove as attractive as valuable web content. It is imperative to understand that most people come online looking for information, so they are happy to go with the first site which has all the details that they are looking for. A web master can not only use good content on the site but also incorporate it in the SEO strategy through article marketing. This is a wonderful way to advertise a site business or product. SEO Tip 3: Design the Site for Visitors and Crawlers Keyword usage is crucial not only for search engine crawlers but also for visitors. People will use certain key phrases when looking for sites in a specific niche; a website that does not have keywords in the webpage content will not show up in the SERPs. If visitors cannot see the website on the first page of the search engine, it would be ludicrous to expect them to rummage through the millions of sites to find a specific one. Using alt tags and creating XML sitemaps are also crucial. SEO Tip 4: Both Internal and External Links are Valuable for Search Engine Optimization Although back links should form a crucial part of an internet marketing strategy they should not be the only links. This is because external links help to improve the page rank on a site but linking the pages internally makes it simpler for visitors to navigate through the site. Also, internal linking helps to boost traffic to the other pages on the site besides the homepage. Exchanging links is the best way to get external links; however, web masters should stay away from link farms. SEO Tip 5: Use Blogs and Social Media to your Advantage The immense popularity of social media makes it a fertile ground for search engine marketing. It is possible to use most major social networking platforms such as Twitter, MySpace and Facebook to increase the traffic to a site and to enhance its search engine ranking. While social media is very popular, blogs have also retained their charm; not only does a blog increase traffic but also it helps the business owner to open a communication channel with the clients. Please, do not forget to SUBSCRIBE to this blog, so that you can be receiving my latest internet money making strategies,blogging tips/tricks, articles,Job vacancies and freebies DIRECTLY into your email inbox, even when you are not online. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE NOW! Best Blogger Tips
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