Another Anti-made virus Indonesian children. His name Artav Anti-Virus. Artav antivirus is made by the students of Yunior High School 48 Bandung Indonesia. Artav name is stands for Arrival Taufik.

Although created by young students, but based on visual basic anti-virus 2006 is quite powerful locally or globally eradicate the virus. Simple graphical display and support virus data base that continues to be renewed makes Artav Anti Virus downloaded by a lot of computer users.

In his confession in a private television station, they need a period of one year to be able to make anti-virus. Initially, Ival provide antivirus homemade to friends and family. Getting a positive response, Ival then ventured to post homemade antivirus on Facebook.

Currently, there are already 7661 facebookers who likes Artav Anti-Virus. In fact, the theme search on Google to reach 212,000 topics that discuss this surprising discovery.

Artav anti virus has entered version 2.5 with improved compared to previous series. Changes in this version contained in the Main Display Changes (Interface), Determination of the Color Default Color Black, Uninstall Program Repair and changes to the Code Double Checksum.

Improved Features:
1. Repair Detect Generic Trojan Virus NOD32
2. No Clean Uninstall Repair
3. Improvement of HAART-AnKey, algorithmic code to fool a Keylogger

1. Addition of 53 Variant Viruses
2. Additions Form Inspection Report
3. Change Main Display
4. Setting the Default Color Black As ARTAV

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