How to add up to 100 friends daily on Facebook

How to add up to 100 friends daily on Facebook

To send as many friends request as you want on facebook follow the following procedure

Use a mozilla/firefox go to any group that has active group members or friends who have active fb friends....

Check the left side and Click "see all" to see all the friends in the group or friends of your friend

After launching the pop up of the friends list,Right click on the pictures of each friends it will open some options choose open in new tab for each friend picture and open as many as you wish,you can open up to 50 new tabs,then click on add friend to send friend request to each friend keep doing this over and over again for as many friend as you wish just make sure you open all new friends request in new tab.

Keep doing this to add as many friends as you wish per day to Escape facebook Ban.

Note-ignore any friend request that demand "if you know that person before",just cancel the friend request and move to the other person. Best Blogger Tips
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