Affiliate Marketing is hard. Sorry, but that's the truth of the matter,but if you can take your time and follow this simple steps it will be very easy,Not only are you faced with finding the right product you also need to get huge numbers of people to actually convert to sales. Even if you get 100 people visit your sales page you may only make a couple of sales. Getting 100 people may take 400 views of an article if you're looking at a 25% click through rate. Confused? I was for a very long time too. I now know that it is important to have multiple traffic streams to enhance your chances.

I believe that I have now found a strategy that it working for me. I am not making a fortune but I am making money. Here is my approach.
Firstly, find a product that will sell. It may be in a niche that leverages desperate people. It sounds awful but at the end of the day this is your business and we are not here to make friends. It could be a skincare solution, perhaps relationship help, maybe even bad breath!
Once you have found your niche, spend time doing proper research. You need to know how many people are searching on the keywords and also on variations of it. You must also understand your competition, if you don't you may be fighting an uphill battle even if you have a great product.
Check if you can get a domain name which is relevant to your keyword then build a quick website. I can get one of these up in around 45 minutes now but you do need to know how to do this. You must make sure your website is optimised to have a chance of picking up SEO traffic. Even if you use PPC as well, free traffic is better.
I also use free and paid tools to create backlinks to my sites. This is time consuming when you set up a campaign but once done you can leave it running. I use the services of a freelancer too, $25 for 300 links which is well worth it I can assure you.
Even when all of this is done you still need to let the search engines know that your site is there so I make a habit of pinging my sites every evening as a last task before I head to bed.
I have also invested in a social networking software which I set to run in the background. This does not bring me a lot of business but again, I like to know that I have multiple strategies working for me. To be honest it is only since I have taken this very seriously and built my own time management and goal setting plan that I have started to see success. It is impossible to work from home if you do not discipline yourself.
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