How to boost your website Traffic by writing Articles

If you are looking for a quick increase in traffic to your website, particularly if you have a new site, it is a relatively simple process to get some REALLY fast action. Even more important, is that you can get this traffic "completely Free!"
Trying to get your website listed with the major Search Engines is often a long, complicated, and sometimes expensive task. One sure of increasing your presence on the web, is to write your own articles.

What do I write about?

Select a subject that you are familiar with, or one that relates to your website. If it is a subject that you are interested in, then it is normally quite easy to write about it. Keep your article to between 500- 600 words. You may have already written something similar, that you have included in your website.

What do I do then?

The next step is to submit your Article to Free Article Directories, like Add-Articles.Com, who will then publish your article on their websites. The more of these free sites that you submit to, then the more times your article is "initially" published.

What happens next?

Each time you submit your article; there are two very important sections. The first is the "Resource Section". This is where you add your details, as the Author of the Article. So you may put something like this: "John Smith, an established Crocodile expert, has been working at Australia Zoo for over 10 years, and has gained a wealth of experience about Crocodiles during this time. If you would like more information on Crocodiles then please visit his website at:" The second is the "Keywords Section." Where you would enter say "Crocodile, Crocodiles, Australia Zoo, Animals etc.," which the search engines will later pick up. The "Resource Section" stays with your article every time it is published, as it is your article, you will always own the copyright
How does this bring me traffic?

1/. With your article, and website details, listed in the Article Directories. People interested in Crocodiles will read your article, and to learn more, will visit also your website. These Article Directories are getting enormous traffic from visitors that are searching for new articles of interest.

2/. These articles are then picked up by other website owners that are desperate for new content to add to their websites. They publish your article on their sites, leaving your site details in place, which brings you yet more visitors.

3/. Each time your article is published, you have another link back to your website. The whole process starts to snowball, and all from just one article.

The final piece of the good news, in a win, win situation, is the major Search Engines. They are also very eager for new content to add. So once they pick up on your new article…… you suddenly have a very busy website with lots of the traffic, all of which, you got for Free! Best Blogger Tips
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