Communication between computers is a major part of the PC computing Industry. Thanks to the World
Wide Web (www), no computer user is an Island. Whether using a dialup modem or broad band
technology, virtually all PCs can be connected to other computers, enabling them to share files, send
and receiving email, and access the Internet.
With the explosive growth of the internet, modem and network technologies were joined because both
could use the same client software and protocols. Today, the most popular suite of networking
protocols TCP/IP is used on both Local Area Network (LANs) and the internet. When you dial into an

Internet Service Protocol (ISP), you are actually connecting to a network using a modem instead of a
network interface card, and when you use most broadband services, your path to the internet typically
starts with a network interface card, built in network card, built in network port, network to USB
adapter, or even a wireless connection.
Thanks to the combination of huge multi megabyte downloads needed to update software and support
hardware, dynamics websites with music and full motion videos and increased demand for online
services, even the fastest dial up modem (such as starcomms, visafones etc) which can download at just
53kbps, isn’ t sufficient for heavy internet use. More and More users are taking advantage of various
types of broadband internet access solution. But the most preferred to me is the cable decoder internet access system.

For many users, cable modem service which piggybacks on the same cable TV service line that brings
your TV many channels, represent both a big boost in speed from the available with ISDN and a major
savings in initial cost and monthly charges which your subscription fee covers.
Cable Modem Services normally is sold as an all you can eat unlimited access plan with a modest
installation cost (materials to buy to commence installation). Because more and more cable networks
(such as DSTV, HITV, CTL and the most recent DAAR SAT) support a single standard, you can choose any
of the decoders of all this cable TV providers to connect your system to the internet.

Connection Requirements
• RJ 45 NIC Cable
• Ethernet Cable
• Router (cable modem)

To get the full manual on how to set it and use the above connection Requirements call me on 08027335653.  Best Blogger Tips
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