How To Register For ClickBank As A Nigerian

ClickBank affiliate account registration  is very easy and can be done in less than 2 minutes. Unfortunately Nigeria is among the list of countries, that aren’t included in the list of accepted countries. Here are two ways of successfully registering for ClickBank as a Nigerian.

WARNING: Do not buy any information product claiming to show you how to register for ClickBank as a Nigerian! The information below is the exact same thing you will get from them

Option Number One
Get a virtual address from GraphCard and use it to sign up for a ClickBank affiliate account.To Get the details of How to get virtual address from Graph Card CLICK HERE

When asked for your phone number on the registration form, use Graphcard’s which is 301-483-9500.

Option Number Two
This is simple and straight forward. Get a trusted friend or family that lives in a ClickBank accepted country to open an account for you. Also make sure, he or she has a Tax Payer ID number.

Personally, I prefer the Option Number 2 and here is why.

Option 1 limits you to earnings of $600 a year. As soon as you make over $600 a year in commissions, you’ll be required to present a Tax Payer ID number that is linked to the Payee Name.

With Option 2, your friend registers for you and presents his/her own Tax Payer ID making it easy for you. You could even come up with an arrangement to split profits for his/her help.

NOTE:You can always change your payee name and country ANYTIME you wish.

That’s all you need to know about getting a clickbank account as a Nigerian. Best Blogger Tips
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