Marketing Managers

Marketing managers and reps are closely aligned with their clients. If you work in the entertainment industry, expect tickets to concerts, sporting events, plays, banquets, and conventions-and bling galore. If you're in the tech sector, you'll probably have a company car and a paid cell phone. Prepare by earning a bachelor's degree in marketing or advertising or an MBA degree. Expense accounts for dinner, travel, and entertainment often go along with the job. And the wages look pretty good. The median 2007 annual salary: $104,400.

Lodging Managers

Hours are long and customers rarely stop whining. But if you work for a major hotel chain, expect complimentary or deeply reduced prices for lodging and tourism excursions for you and your family-and not just at the properties you represent. Job prospects are good, too, with business travel and vacationing remaining strong despite rising fuel costs and economic stagnation. You'll need a degree in hospitality management or enroll in your company's management career training program to qualify. Median annual wages in 2007: $44,240, with top-end wages surpassing $80k.

Network Administrators

Network administrators plan, install, and maintain the secure operations of an organization's internal network and public-facing internet. They enjoy top-end salaries in the six figures and, depending on their employers, have casual dress codes, cell phone service, laptops, free coffee and soft drinks, massage service, gym memberships, and subsidized dining. The hours can be hectic. Median annual wages in 2007: $64,690.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

The pharmaceutical industry is predicted to grow 23 percent by 2012. Pharmaceutical sales representatives typically combine earnings with a base salary and a commission with a high upside. You'll have a territory to manage and may spend half the year on the road. But you'll probably get a company car and cell phone to ease your travels. Many reps also receive lodging, airline, or other travel discounts, along with gym memberships and (of course) great health care. You'll need a bachelor's degree in science (biology, chemistry, biochemistry) and/or marketing training. The median annual wage in 2007: $77,200.

Broadcast or Sound Technician

Competition may be tough for the top-end jobs with big city broadcast studios or working the sound board for Jay-Z, but opportunities abound for highly trained electrical technicians in setting up communications or mixing boards at corporate events, conventions, news conferences, concerts, plays, and at local recording studios. As for perks, consider plenty of free admissions to rock shows, fashion engagements, or awards parties--and plenty of T-shirts and CDs for your music collection. You'll get career training through associate or bachelor's degree programs at trade schools and colleges. Median 2007 annual wage: $46,550.

Aircraft Mechanic

This one's a no-brainer. One major airline allows mechanics to participate in ownership. Perks include no-restriction, no-limit stand-by ticketing for all the routes the airline serves. Many employers offer gym memberships, employee discount purchase plans, and partnership discounts at hotels and resorts. Few mechanics receive on-the-job career training. You'll need to complete associate or bachelor's degree programs in aircraft maintenance or avionics technology. Median 2007 annual wage: $49,010.

Lastly, if your career choice is not listed, it doesn't mean you shouldn't ask for perks. Government employees get discounts on computers and software. Many companies have business alliances that award employees discounts on car purchases, office supplies, books, home furnishings, movie theatres, clothing, camping gear, electronics, and fitness club memberships. Bartenders, wait staff, and hospitality workers also can add substantial tips to their total income package.

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