SPS PACKAGE 5 budget = 50+ MMUSD CONTRACTOR = CAMERON OFFSHORE SYSTEMS NIGERIA LTD SUB-CONTRACTOR (main) = - (UK)-CAMERON LEEDS (LRP, EDP, Riser accessories) - (UK)-CAMERON ABERDEEN (IWOCS control system supervision) - (GERMANY)-CAMERON CELLE (IWOCS control system) - (UK)-EXPRO (lower landing string equipment, Lubricator valves) - (USA)-GRANT PRIDECO (workover riser system) - (UK)-JDR (Umbilicals) - (UK)-HCS (Umbilical reels & accessories) - (NORWAY)-ANZETT (IWOCS cabinet) Interface across Subsea Production System related AKPO DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENTS (SPS, FPSO / FIELD OPERATIONS, DRILLING & COMPLETION) Personnel under direct supervision = 1 (QA/QC Inspector)


- Ensure/verify that CONTRACTOR and SUB-CONTRACTORS constantly meet the standards set by Company
- Maintain a proactive HSE attitude in all working areas in line with COMPANY published standards and comply with COMPANY requirements in terms of HSE training
- Promote & Drive Safety communication e.g. Safety Bulletins etc. issued from the COMPANY Group for awareness within CONTRACTOR organisation.
- Follow up & drive analysis process of any reported unsafe act related to AKPO development on CONTRACTOR premises, ensure close out and transmissions of the lessons learned
- Although this remains the duty of the CONTRACTOR and SUB-CONTRACTORS, ensure that visitors, relevant to TOTAL deepwater project(s), are fully briefed before entering a working site (especially during
heavy lift and testing operations) and guided/supervised during the visit

- Oversee CONTRACTOR activity for the delivery, inspection, receipt testing (SRT), installation, commissioning and maintenance activity as well as associated storage, materials management, spares (spare part lists includes all consumables and replaceable parts + back-up equipment / technology), documentation, logistics, accommodation, base and workshop services necessary for the deployment of CONTRACTOR equipment* and services to TOTAL in compliance with contractual obligations to COMPANY

Equipment include:
- Wellhead, TGB mud mat & associated equipment
- Wellhead running tools (rental)
- Xmas tree & running tools
- Tubing hanger & running tools
- IWOCS & tools
- ROV tools
- Jumper, HFL, EFL & associated tools
- Manifold & associated tools
- FPSO installed equipment

- Review & approval of Maintenance Manuals, Procedures, and Work Packages (should include light maintenance programmes during offshore operations & heavy maintenance programme carried out onshore) including COMPANY owned and CONTRACTOR rented tools, for activity to be carried out in Onne base
- Authorise and Follow up Corrective and Planned Preventive maintenance operations on COMPANY purchased equipment & associated scheduling in line with TOTAL standards, contractual scope, objectives and agreed costs (ensure procedures and schedules are in place and implemented by CONTRACTOR).
- Ensure inspection and equipment status verification after delivery, SRT and/or associated repair work on any piece of TOTAL equipment at CONTRACTOR base.

- Follow up COMPANY equipment and spare parts stock status via UNISUP. Ensure correct level of spares is maintained by CONTRACTOR in its facility. (Drive input of TOTAL SUBSEA equipment & spares part number(s) / quantities into UNISUP system & definition of minimum stock level of re-orders)

- Mobilisation of Subsea Equipment/tooling in accordance with COMPANYL DRILLING and FIELD OPERATIONS activity/requests..
- Authorise, plan and follow up preparation / packing / loading of TOTAL equipment from CONTRACTOR facility to other COMPANY sites (yards, workshops, rigs, intervention vessels, FPSO…) and vice versa (i.e. return of equipment to CONTRACTOR facility for servicing / storage).

- Requirement definition & mobilisation of CONTRACTOR / SUB-CONTRACTOR personnel in line with COMPANY DRILLING & FIELD OPERATIONS activity/requests and CONTRACTOR ONNE base operational requirements.
- Review and approval of CONTRACTOR / SUB CONTRACTOR Time Sheets
- Review & approval of CONTRACTOR / SUB CONTRACTOR personnel CVs
- Review of CONTRACTOR / SUBCONTRACTOR personnel training/development programme
- Review & sign minutes of meeting at a package level. Verify that actions are transferred to Action Register. Monitor Action Register to ensure that actions are followed up and closed out within agreed times

- Ensure Total Subsea Manager fully briefed on all critical activities/issues ongoing at CONTRACTOR facility
- Liaise with the relevant focal points for other COMPANY departments (DRILLING & COMPLETION, FIELD OPERATIONS, COMMISSIONING etc.) to ensure technical & operational requirements are understood and delivered; and to give/receive appropriate support to achieve COMPANY objectives.
- Manage relationship with CAMERON OFFSHORE NIGERIA (ONNE) and drive CONTRACTOR activity in order to achieve COMPANY objectives.

Planning /Procurement/Manufacturing:

- Monitor CONTRACTOR progress against published plan for manufacturing & maintenance activities and ensure plans are updated on a weekly basis
- Communicate all manufacturing / procurement slippages to SUBSEA Manager and other relevant entities such that impact can be fully assessed and monitored. Instigate, as appropriate, and review CONTRACTOR’s recovery plan
- Authorise and organise inspection activities at CONTRACTOR premises
- Plan equipment mobilisation in line with COMPANY activities.
- Manage/define/advise prioritisation of activities between COMPANY projects in Cameron workshop; avoid inter-project clashes

- Provide presence at regular intervals at fabrication sites
- Sign, or authorise signature of, the Ready for Shipment Certificate or equivalent Acceptance certificate.
- Review & approval of Site Receipt Test (SRT) programme activity – These test are performed in NIGERIA on delivered equipment and prior to equipment handover from CONTRACTOR to COMPANY (SUBSEA)
- Drive CONRACTOR to maintain CONTRACTOR / SUBCONTRACTORS tooling scope of supply to perform SRTs
- Sign / endorse completion of SRT, maintenance or procurement activity(ies).

- Coordinate and follow up CONTRACTOR procurement activities on COMPANY behalf in line with authorised budget, authorisation limits, and COMPANY Standards.
- Authorise CONTRACTOR procurement of services and equipment within authorisation limits, and recommend/advise SUBSEA Manager on required procurements.
- Be fluent in contractual matters (SUBSEA Service Group will provide assistance for the familiarisation).
- Support the SUBSEA Manager supervise Contract Change Order process via review and approval of Adhoc requisitions and associated documentation for Change Order processing, as well as development of explanatory technical notes for contract CHANGE ORDERS
- Provide technical assistance for processing such changes in a timely manner
- Prepare, track & report budgetary expenditure
- Follow up status of procured equipment in transit and delivered to CONTRACTOR ONNE base
- Follow up customs clearing process and status on procured equipment
- Follow up punch list work per equipment and inspect on completion of the work in CONTRACTOR ONNE base.
- Follow up equipment storage and storage conditions at CONTRACTOR base.

Job Holder reports directly to the SUBSEA manager. Reporting duties include:
- Attend CONTRACTOR engineering meetings as and when required
- Attend weekly/monthly/periodic COMPANY / CONTRACTOR progress meeting (for the relevant activities)
- Attend COMPANY progress meetings as required and report findings (mainly impacting deliveries or costs)
- Issue COMPANY SUBSEA weekly package report
- Track and report Contract Adhoc requisitions and Change Orders
- Issue / Support the issuing of HSE reports/notifications in line with COMPANY RULEs for incidents relating to COMPANY within CONTRACTOR premises
- Support preparation of handover dossiers

In summary, Job Holder will provide:
- Management of CONTRACTOR personnel at CONTRACTOR base/workshop (Onne) as relevant to COMPANY activities.
- Management of COMPANY equipment & tool preparations at CONTRACTOR base/workshop for COMPANY operations
- Management of procurement & maintenance activity on equipment & tools
- Assistance to manifold / jumper construction sites as and when required
- Assistance to COMPANY offshore operations (Drilling & Completion / Field Operations) as and when required
- Assistance to COMPANY SPS COMMISSIONING team where required.
- Communication with COMPANY and CONTRACTOR teams at relevant CONTRACTOR manufacturing sites for equipment delivery follow-up
- Support for the definition and/or execution of a LIFE OF FIELD CONTRACT / AFTERMARKET CONTRACT with CONTRACTOR

Engineering degree (generalist, mechanical,) with experience in deepwater drilling / subsea / field operations or manifold fabrication / installation; and experience with service contract management.
7 years cumulative experience engineering, fabrication or operations.

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