$100 Strategy Guide - No Investments Needed!

 1. Choose a time of day that you can click ads and articules eventually manage your referrals at the same time everyday at 


2. Click all available ads everyday (when you get referrals this is necessary to earn from referral clicks). In order to receive any earnings from your referrals, users must be actively clicking ads, if no ads are clicked a user will not receive their referrals earnings the following day.

 3. Utilize all free methods of advertising to gain any direct referrals (30 days after your registration). Talk it up with your friends and relatives. Put a tagline on your e-mail signature. Post in forums. Use free traffic exchanges.

 4. Once your account balance reaches $2, transfer this money to your rental balance and rent 3 referrals. It is only $0.75 to rent 3 referrals, but you will need the remainder to properly manage the referrals. People are so eager to buy referrals that they just purchase as soon as their account reaches 75 cents.

When people do this they do not realize that they do not have enough money to maintain their rented referrals and their referrals eventually are taken away because they can't pay for them.

 5. Put the Autopay function on (you will find this on the page where your referrals are listed). Referrals cost 30 cents a month to keep. Instead of you paying for the referral, they pay for themselves as long as you have Autopay turned on. What it does it subtract one of the advertisements your referral views each day and puts it towards the 30 cents that referral needs to stick around for another month. So you get one less penny from each referral, but they will be your referral as long as they are active.

 6. If a referral of yours has not clicked today or yesterday and has click average of less than 2.0, then recycle it ($0.08 cost) and get a new referral.

 7. Whenever one of your referrals goes below 20 days before next payment, pay to add another 30 days. Below 20 days, the Autopay function does not work and you will not get the savings for that referral.

 8. Every time your account balance reaches $1 transfer the money to your rental balance. At first, when you are only making a couple of cents per day, it is important to keep enough money in your rental balance to maintain your recycling activity because you can only transfer in $1 increments. Once you can complete this transfer and have at least $2.40 in your rental balance, rent another 3 referrals.

 9. Continue this process until you are making a $1 a day in your account balance. At this point you can begin renting in bigger chunks of referrals every 7 days. Never rent a number of referrals that is greater than 33% of your existing totals as these will become difficult to manage through recycling with your earnings.

 10. It will take a while but continue the above listed process until you reach 500 referrals. At this point stop renting and just maintain your referrals. Accumulate the earnings until you can pay for the upgrade to golden.

 11. Once golden, maintain your referrals as before. Every week continue to rent referrals until you hit the 2000 refs mark. Any money that you are not sinking into referral maintenance or renting is profit for you.

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