Free Airtel/social month 1024MB data bundle

Airtel SOCIALMONTH Gallore, Where you Get 1024MB for Free! Lets Digg it and at the End you will shout, This is Unbelievable.

With this I Guess you can now Make Cool Money configuring Phone for people around you both @ Home and in your School, I wish you Goodluck!!!


1. Text SOCIALMONTH to 440, After Sending the Message, You will Receieve a Message from 0802 asking you to wait.

2. After about 2 Minutes, You will receive another Msg from 0802 again, And you will be Informed that you have been given a Data Bundle of 1024MB

3. Now Dial *141*712*0# on your Phone and you will see that you have 1024MB untouched.

4. Remove your Phone Battery and Insert it again, Then ON your Phone and start Browsing.


» You can Send the Message to 440 even without having any Credit on your Phone and if you have it wont be Deducted.

» You can Remove your SIM to use with your Modem to Browse on PC.

» It will Last for Good 1 Month.

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