How to add contact form to your blog/website

Contact form is an essential part of a website. Even though you can contact via comment form in blogs, still contact form has a value.  By providing a contact form your readers can send you their criticisms and suggestions to you. Then you can improve your blog according to those opinions. So don’t forget, contact form is a vital part of a blog.
Let’s see how to make a contact form easily. No need to learn HTML. In this campaign I am going to use

First visit . You will see following window. Then click on “CREATE AN ACCOUNT” as I shown in screenshot below.
 Then provide the information including e-mail and user name. Give a valid email, because you have to verify the registration. Then press on “Create my account”. Once you done those you have to verify your email address by visiting your email inbox. Then sign in with your User name and password. Once you sign in you will see the following window.
Now you can create your contact form which matched for your blog. You can use tools I have shown you in the above image to make your contact form. Then you can add notification email address to notify you once somebody made a feedback. Your form will be saved automatically. Now you have to get the code for this form to paste in to your blog.
Look at the upper part of the window. You will see a tab called “Setup and Embed”. Press on it. Then you will see a tab called “Embed Form” just above the “Setup and Embed” tab. Click on it. (I have shown it on above screen shot) Another window will appears as follows.
I this window you will see a Blogger mark. Just click on it. It will show you a code. Just copy it and go to your blog. Now go to,
You will see the posting area. Then click on “EDIT HTML” and just paste your code there. That’s all, now you can publish the page and view it. Isn’t it amazing? Now you have a blog contact form. just enjoy blogging.
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