Below Are Few Of The List Of My Top Money Making Survey Sites on facebook...All Of Them Are FREE To Join.

This website is your free key to getting paid to take online surveys, complete offers, read email and more. The websites listed in our directory have all been CONFIRMED to PAY OUT. Best of all, everything here is absolutely free! Be sure to read the strategies revealed in this blog for great information on maximizing your potential to making great money and great resources. What are you waiting for? Go get Paid!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Do not Click On The Survey Links, Instead Copy Link And Paste It In the browser page of any one your are using, then you will be able to access the site successfully. If you have installed the IP Changer software, then you can click on it and the page will open successfully for you to start making money.
Global Test Market
Global Test Market is open to participants from all over the world. This site offers many opportunities to participate in surveys each month. Participants are notified of opportunities via email or logging into the main page. Compensation is in the form of reward points based on the urgency of the survey and the length. Each point is equivalent to $.05 USD, 1000 points are required to cash out. No referral program, but interested parties can request to join an affiliate program. Cashed out points are paid via check in your country's currency only. I advise you use your US address to register so as to maximise your chances of getting regular surveys. As soon as you register, endeavour to complete the profile survey that will earn you your first 80 - 100 points. Also note that 1000 points of Global Test Market Survey is equal to $50 which is their minimum cash out. This is a great website. They act as agents to online survey companies. Like I said this is a great website you can start with. Fortunately they accept Nigerians. That means even though you will change your I.P address, you can use your home address and the check will be sent down to you right here in Nigeria and if you have a Dorm account which you can open with $100 and an International passport or Drivers license at Guarantee Trust Bank you will be able to cash your money after 21 days.

InboxDollars This is a website that you might be familiar with. They pay you $5 instantly for joining. Open 10 accounts a day with 10 different email addresses and that is $50 instantly without even doing anything. This online survey websites makes a lot of money so don't get surprised if they say they will pay you instantly because once they see that you are a registered user the companies that needs you to take their surveys will pay them for it. The unfortunate thing about them is that they don't pay too much, they pay about 5 cent to 50 cent per surveys. But the reason I love to work with them is because, they send lot of surveys a day that means you are easily crap in $20 a day from your 10 accounts that you have registered.
Vindale .com is another good survey site that a serious person can earn $150 in a week. This is never a joke. The good thing about this survey is that you will never get short of surveys. This is a great website that pays you to try out new products, services, and websites. You can make $5 to $75 per survey, and you even get to keep the products you review! The surveys are really easy, and the membership is FREE, so what is there to lose, right?
If you are using a Nigerian IP, copy and paste this link into your IP changer:  If you can not make money with this site, just forget everything about making money online.
If you have a foreign IP, click on the above link, else, go through the IP changer on

Steps To Successfully Register And Participate in Vindale:
[1] Go to and register, you either change your I.P address or you register by using

[2]In your registration, you can use a Nigerian address or your virtual address. The choice is yours!

[3]After your registration you can start browsing from the normal Nigerian I.P address, just ensure that you register using a foreign I.P address.

[4]This is an important part, you will be asked to pay about $3 to complete your registration. My friend this is very vital and you should consider doing it. Your registration of $3 is not to withdraw your money but like I said earlier it s just to prove to them that you are really serious.
Go to bed!. Because jobs will be sent to you almost daily and they are always highly priced. I am talking of jobs from $20 to $50 that means four to five jobs a month is all you need to make your $250.
THE SECRET: And once the money start coming you can open multiple accounts to double or
triple your income. But get wise, when opening multiple accounts use different systems or different IP changers, if they know they might close your accounts.
So my friend are you ready to make great income in 30 days, then is a great online survey agent that can make that happen for you!
This is another great online survey site you should join. It involves no work. All you have to do is to make sure you change your i.p. Read from the side bar about how you can change your IP. Make sure you open several accounts with them, this way you are guaranteed of getting jobs daily from them. Above are some of my top survey sites you can join fast and start making money as soon as you join. I must not fail to add 9 OF MY TOP online survey 100% FREE websites !!!. They are great money makers. You can also check them out if you are to rake in big from survey business:

[1] This is a Singapore base website but you can participate from anywhere. Strangely you will get surveys that will require you to call before confirmation and some of the surveys will even ask you to come in person But they also have surveys that you an take through emails.
But they pay anywhere from $5 to $200 per survey. No Kidding!

[2] If you cant make money from this website, then you might as well forget about making money online. In fact all I will say is that you should take out like 30 minutes just to study this website alone and discover for yourself, the huge money making potentials it contains. It is really great!

[3] This is a company with over 50 years experience dedicated to skin
care and house hold products. You can make up to $1,000 amount from this website. Am serious! Check it out and apply the rules.

[4] A great survey website that pays $2 for every completed survey you do and $1 for every survey your referral does and complete.

[6] : They pay from $5 to $25 per survey and they also offer incentives too like software's and many other products.
[7] An awesome website that I cherish so much. They pay a minimum of $3 per survey and the way you get your money is by check.
[8] As long as the name goes so it the way they pay. They pay a whooping $35 per survey that they send out to you. They don't normally send out surveys but when they do you can expect a great pay out. You only need to complete 10 surveys a month to grant you more than $300 as income and they are free to join.
[9] An awesome website that is better lesft for you to see for yourself. Enough of the stories!
[10] They pay you $75 to
$150 per survey. Now you can see why i could boast that making $250 weekly is Guaranteed!
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