How to use 2-step verification to protect your Gmail account

Recently several Gmail accounts have fall victims to Hackers especially due to the increase in the number of participants in the Google business(GOOGLE ADSENSE),to those whose Gmail account are still intact,Google have come up with a new verification system called  2-step verification,this system allows you to verify your Gmail account by receiving a special code on your mobile phone anytime you want to login into your account.

To activate the  2-step verification process follow the step below:

  1. Login into your Gmail account
  2. Then go to 
  3. Put your phone number,you can also add backup phone number should incase you lost your phone,then save you are good to go now.
  4. Anytime you want to login to your Gmail account after going through the 2-step verification process,a verification code will be send to your mobile phone,just check your phone message and insert the code in the box .

Henceforth it will be very difficult for Hackers to Hack your Gmail account.

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