Paypal and Ebay Splits

Paypal and Ebay has split, hence Paypal is valuing more than $50 Billion.

Most people feel Paypal should be worth much more than Ebay after the split but the worth is not really that much.

Paypal is now officially an independent company, it shares open at $41.63, 8.3 percent on the first day of trading, making it above Friday’s last temporary closing price before it's public introduction.

Shares trading at $41.63 ($50.8 billion value) makes Paypal outshine Ebay which is currently value at $34.5 billion, few minute after NASDAQ opening, Paypal now trades at $40.21, the shares are up to 4.74 percent even with the little market correction. 

Paypal has done more than 18 billion transactions and over one trillion dollars, Paypal currently has more than 169 million consumers in 200 countries of the world. 

The split will give Paypal the opportunity to raise more capital and own more companies, shareholders has shown more interest to own shares on Paypal and not Ebay.

Paypal executives now have a chance to issue bonds without going through Ebay, more companies can also be bought using Paypal stock, this is going to be a new beginning for Paypal, 

Maybe this will make them approve my country (Nigeria) to receive money and use paypal full features. we pray so! 

What do you think? share your thought in the comment form below.

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