If you've been struggling to own a verified PayPal account and anytime you try to open one yourself, your account is limited the next minute... then...

"Here's The SAFEST, EASIEST And QUICKEST Way To Own A Duly Verified USA PayPal Account And Never Have To Worry About Been Limited By PayPal Anymore!"

 No Matter What Your Experiences With PayPal Have Been...

  • You MUST never risk loosing your hard earned money to PayPal again.
  • You don't need to over look that paying internet business due to PayPal problems. NEVER!
  • It's time to get back all you may have lost due to PayPal 'wahala'
  • You don't need all those unnecessary dos and don'ts the so called gurus sing about that have never helped issues.
And Oh yeah, you can own your own USA PayPal accounts in just 72 hours GUARANTEED!


Well, I've been standing aside watching!

Watching the so called "PayPal gurus" make all the noise about PayPal opening and verification. I hear such jargons as:

"How to Verify PayPal Account with Liberty Reserve", "Open and Verify A PayPal Account in 20 Seconds", "Open a PayPal with Your Nigerian IP and Address".

OMG! This thing was nearly getting out of hand. I tried overlooking the trend as I had lots of contracts and jobs with my internet business concerns, but my students, clients and some others that cares kept on pressurizing me to do something before the matter gets worst.

One basic fact is that if you don't have the needed information about running and operating a PayPal account from Nigeria, you'll be wasting your time trying to do anything with PayPal.
Now let's consider some conditions:

They tell you that all you need to open a PayPal account is to change your IP and you can access it safely... Did they tell you that PayPal has a way of 'catching' you via your browser cookies and cache? Even when you successfully change your IP and access your account, these guys never told you that you are only using a shared IP which will invariably lead to your account been limited the next minute.

They tell you to rush to some sites and buy a virtual credit card, then use it to hurriedly verify your PayPal in 60 seconds... Did they tell you that PayPal knows the difference between physical cards and virtual credit cards? 

Did the so called 'PayPal gurus' teach you that there are safe times to access your PayPal account? Did they tell you that the only time you must login to your PayPal should be ONLY when you want to withdraw? 


Can you imagine that recently a Nigerian internet marketer friend lost more than $1,800 to PayPal just because one of these so called 'PayPal gurus' opened a PayPal account for him and asked him to access his account with The worst side of the story is that this guy paid over N50,000 for this service. If you doubt me, search the internet for "Open Verified PayPal account In Nigeria" and you'll understand what I'm talking about.
The truth is that if you rush into anything that has to do with PayPal opening and management without equipping yourself with the basic information needed to safely operate a PayPal account, you must meet the rock half way. And if you're not lucky, you loose your money like my friend and cry! I guess you don't want such thing to happen to you at all and I don't too; hence I've come with a lasting solution that will finally nail PayPal problems like never before.

So, are you ready for a U turn?

In my effort to solving this PayPal headache, I have recently liaise with a US e-Payment Solution firm to provide a verified US PayPal for few selected Nigerians and residents of other PayPal blacklisted countries; who must be legit. That is to say that the service will only be accessible to genuine netpreneurs who will never abuse the opportunity. If you would want to seize this opportunity to own a US PayPal for yourself, you need to read the following information carefully:

We shall only be opening accounts for 50 serious minded People!

Here's how it goes:

The first 12 people to place their order for a US PayPal will pay N3,000... slots gone!

The next 15 persons will have to pay N3,500 only... slots about to go! expires in the next 24 hours from today

The next 15 persons pay N4,500

The last 8 will pay the normal price of N5,500

Any other person interested after the 50 slots are gone will have to pay the real price of N8,500. After all the so called PayPal gurus charge as high as N50,000 for this service alone. And they give you rubbish...

Okay... Before You Rush To Place Your Order, Here's a 125% Money Back Guarantee If You Don't Get A US Verified PayPal Account After 72 Hours: 

 I'm aware a lot of people are in doubt about the authenticity of this service probably because of their past experiences with these fly by night PayPal gurus . Hence, I declare:
"If you place your order and you get a service short of your expectation, I'll refund your full money. Additionally, I will allow you part with the under listed bonuses to compensate you for all the troubles and for wasting your time to try my service.
Can you now see that you have nothing to loose?

Ok, take a look at the bonuses:

Access to - A guide that shows you how to resolve, avoid and eliminate the PayPal nightmare Of having your account limited, money frozen and online business interrupted in less than 24 hours from the very second it happened, in just a few easy steps ...100% GUARANTEED. Value = $27.

Another Complete comprehensive 25 Page guide which EXPOSES the PayPal Code and help you prepare yourself for the inevitable, so you will never have to worry about being limited again. This report answers such major PayPal questions like:
  • Why did your account suddenly get suspended?
  • Understanding How "They" Track You!
  • I got limited now what?!
  • Should I Continue to use PayPal?
  • How to Create a New Account.
  • The best way to use your accounts
  • What NOT To do from new PayPal Account.
A report that shows you 10 new and unique ways to make $60 dollars into your PayPal account. The sweet thing about this report is that even if you are a zombie, you can still make a minimum of $60 ($6 from each) from any of these sites daily.  Value = N2,500

A report that shows you how to own a USA MasterCard for free and use it to withdraw your PayPal funds from ATM machines. 

I'll also personally offer you the necessary support in matters related but not limited to the following: Choosing the best PayPal exchangers in Nigeria, the easiest ways to withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria, how to fund PayPal in Nigeria, how to buy and sell PayPal in Nigeria to make big cash, one secret place to buy mobile and computer gadgets for as low as $0.1 with your PayPal and have them shipped FREE of charge to you anywhere you are in the world.

As if that is not enough, I'll give you the chance of becoming my affiliate (something I rarely do!), and you too will be making money from this service. I bet you, with the huge demand for a US PayPal, it will only take you less effort to make N30,000 weekly from this service. Let's say you receive a commission of N1,500 from every person you refer to us, averaging N30,000 weekly is just a matter of getting 20 people to us...And that's pretty easy with more than 40,000 Nigerian and other netpreneurs looking for a lasting solution to their PayPal wahala.

How and where to get a dedicated IP with which you can you can access your PayPal account and go to bed without fear of been limited. This is very important and accounts for 80% of limited accounts! Quote me anywhere!

How to Get Your Own US PayPal Account

To get your own verified US PayPal account in 72 hours from now or less, pay the required and appropriate amount into the bank account details below (depending on how fast you are):

Bank                      Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

Account Name:      Elabor Godfrey

Account Number:  239-237-237-1590

After payment, email us the following details to
  • Your full names.

  • Your email address

  • Your payment teller number

  • Your payment location.

Once payment is confirmed (which usually takes less than 30 minutes!), we will process your order and get back to you within 72 hours. 

NB: You may choose to continue missing most internet businesses that require a USA PayPal account or you seize this opportunity to beat PayPal once and for all my...The choice is yours!

For the fact that most people out there charge as high as N50,000 to open a USA PayPal account, I guess you need no angel to tell you that my 50 slots will be fast taken.

One thing I can never do is to force you, but I hope and pray you do yourself this lifetime good!
Still rooting for your success!
Godfrey Elabor

P.S: Why did I say you'll get your PayPal account in 72 hours (or less) and not in 15 minutes just like other people? The reason is clear... Because we are sure and want to give you the best. We need to take our time to make sure that we give you something that will really meet and surpass your demands, instead of empty promises you get elsewhere. 

P.S.S: Remember, don't mind anyone promising to open a PayPal account for you in minutes. It's a scam!

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