How To Pull In Quick Cash 4 Easter And Other Festivities Using A Powerful GSM Short Code System You Get For 100% Free.

... For Serious People Who Would Want To Generate Free N150,000 To Make Their Easter Celebration A Memorable One!

Yes, Godfrey has come again!

I've come again... but this time...

  • I'm gonna be as brief as never! 'cos taking much of your time will mean denying you access to taking advantage of this opportunity!
  • And since only 35 smart people will be benefiting, you could miss this opportunity if I make you read long letters to really get the meat and how to take advantage...
So, I'm going straight to the point:
It's  And there's no time to preach!
Some people have been waiting over a year for this report… I finally got around to it, now I will reveal to you in “Obvious EASTER Fast Cash Generating” style;

When you secrets of making stupendous cash using the powers of GSM short code and few other stuff which you access for free, you'll start magneting cash from almost all GSM users who can send text message.

Not just that, I'm about also showing you how these same people that sent you money will turn again to beg you to accept their money (bigger one this time!) just to help them with something very tiny.
All the way... you'll be on money! Enough money as high as N150k to 'jollificate' xmas. I mean it!
And guess what again?
  • You will never ever need a PayPal account for this. Never!
I'm gonna show you how to put that your dormant bank account to work! Yes, it's time.
  • This business, is probably not for you if you don't have a free email address like the ones you get from Yahoo, Gmail. Yes, they are all you need!

  • I'll show you how to get just 0.1% of over 80 million Nigerian mobile phone users to send you money.
Imagine just 0.1% of 80 million people (8,000) sending you N20 each before Easter? That's N160,000 right?
  • As if that's not enough, they would surely come back to beg you to sell them something! Say you sell your stuff to just 200 of them at N1,000 each... you make N200, 000!
Friend, it's possible before Easter! I mean it. You can do it!
And I'm set to show just 35 persons that they can bank on the huge demand associated with Xmas and make great fortune.


That's only if you play your card well.

And it doesn't even matter if you're a Christian or a Muslim.

What matters is your ability to spot hot in demand product/services, fill the need and swim in the ocean of MONEY.

For example, during the last Valentine day celebration, a born again friend of mine made close to N80,000 in 3 days from lovers without raising a mass of the earth.

How did he do that?

He simply hooked lovers together using just one SMART strategy!

He made a post like this on Facebook:

"Will you like to be taken out by a cool loaded nice guy this valentine? Interested girls should send their full names, pictures and address to"

In just 48 hours of dropping this, he got more than 200 replies.

What did he do further?

He simply made another post now targeting the guys like:

"Get the address, pictures and contacts of real GIRLS to hang out with this valentine"

He made a small 10 page guide containing the details of these girls and priced it N2,500.

Guess what, more than 35 guys bought this report and my friend pocketed more than N80,000. Cool money from Facebook with minimal effort.

The most amazing thing here is that, this friend of mine is a real born again Christian.

You know what, my friend left so much money on the table and I'll tell you how...

But for now, let's look at how you too can do a thing like this, this Xmas, in even a smarter way! And pocket two times of what my guy made!

I've got an idea that can make you; fast sweet cash this Xmas, I bet you!

With this idea I have already tested, you can pull in N150k in a week if you play your card well.

What does it involve?

- You get a short SMS code (like 3566) for 100% free. (A service that cost N50k! But I'll show you how to get it for 100% FREE)

- You target group of Nigerians who will be needing a particular thing this Xmas and create your advert targeting them.

- Place tiny adverts on a HOT place I'll show you!

- People respond to your sms and you make instant cash from it. (Your advert expenses recovered and some profit made!)

- You in turn sell them a HOT product they can't resist and make more money.

Say, 500 people respond to your ads (hey; it's damn too easy to get with my strategy, you'll be making close to N20 x 500 = N10,000 from the advert alone.

Then if only 100 out of this 500 people buys your back end product at say N1,500 each you make N150,000!

It's as easy as that.

You know the best part...?

You can always reach the people that responded to your advert and sell your subsequent products to them.

Enough of the gist! How can I get in Godfrey?

Ok, long story cut short, I've packaged a step by step report that will give you every information about this SMART biz in details.

Only 35 copies of the report will be available for sale and the price will be N5,500.

... but if you're ready to grab your copy right away, go ahead and pay N2,500 only.

Make your Easter memorable... Grab your copy NOW
Pay N2,500 into:

Bank: GTB (Any branch!)

Name: Elabor Godfrey

Account No: 239 237 237 1590

After payment, reach me on and I'll forward you the report within 120 minutes.

Waiting for you on board!
'Allah, this Easter go sweet die!'




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